Eir – The Old Norse Goddess of Medicine

Eir is often considered the Old Norse goddess of Medicine, or so Snorri Sturluson told us: “best of physicians”. Even though not much is known about Eir, we can still draw some conclusions based on other sources. Without a doubt, Eir is an Old Norse religious element connected to the sacred feminine divine energy of creation.  

Bibliography by the end of this video. 

Turn ON the subtitles to better accompany this video, thank you.  

Introduction – 00:00

Eir The Best of Physicians – 04:23

Menglöd – 08:49

9 Rituals and Sacred Realms – 11:31

Feminine Divine Energy of Creation – 17:06

The Valkyrie – 20:26

The Virgin Goddess – 23:06

New-Old Deities – 27:03

Viking Age Medicine – 28:06

Bibliography – 34:11

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