Iberian Ancestors Cult & The Solar Goddess of the Dead

On this video I shall present an Ancestors Cult of the Iberian Peninsula, which is a Neolithic religious phenomenon associated to Megalithism, joining together with an important religion of an Iberian Solar Goddess. A video that may be useful for those who want to know more about pre-Christian and Pre-Roman Iberian religions and cults, as well as the study of European prehistoric belief systems.

Bibliography at the end of this video.

Introduction – 00:00

“Idols” – 03:22

Megalithism Phenomenon – 07:39

The Religious Art of the Southern Iberian Neolithic – 08:55

The Goddess and Her [Dead] People – 12:02

The Watchful Mother | The Watchful Dead – 17:19

Eyes of the Sun – 24:04

Owl Spirits – 25:29

Proposing another Interpretation – 31:10

Special Thanks, Bibliography & End Screen – 39:30

A very special thanks to Theresa, who has been my companion through many adventures. Check her YouTube and Instagram below:



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