Thank You Patrons (and thank you all!)


A video to thank my patrons at the patreon platform, and of course to thank all the subscribers of this channel. Cheers!



All of my social media can be found in this link, including Patreon: [Link]



One response to “Thank You Patrons (and thank you all!)

  1. Arith, I want to help you because you help me. I trust your diligence, analysis, in research of the topics that are important to me. Where else am I going to find such in depth well rounded, thought out information on these subjects. Your intelligence, and multifaceted view of these topics is astounding to me. You open my mind and heart to more than I could see on my own. You make me think, pounder and question my own understandings, expanding my own knowledge and awareness. For me money given to you by me, is no match for what you have given me. I Thank you from the depth of my heart, mind, and spirit.

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