A Few Notes On Jord


A few notes on the “earth-goddess” Jörð in Old Norse myths and religion.



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One response to “A Few Notes On Jord

  1. Arith, Fate. I have been for the last several years off and on , and more so very recently ,trying to find more on Jord. It was baffling to me, that she was rarely mentioned, and if so not much information of her legends. Surely the earth which we lived on would be highly regarded and worshiped. I myself before discovering paganism, and European paganism had an anamistic world view, and held the earth mother in high regard. So naturally I tried to find information, worship, rituals, and names of the earth mother in European paganism. Not such and easy task. Quite honesty I did t get it. It was disheartening for me. The information I did find made her a less than the male god, and subjugated to his rule. Again disheartening. This and your other indigenous culture world view videos, has lifted my own spirit, intuitional knowledge, and personal experience up. Thank you for being a person for speaking what I feel. Rare.

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