Niflheim II Part

I almost forgot, apart from the Frost Giants in Niflheim and some Duergar near the borders between this realm and Svartalfheim, there are a few herbs in this frozen realm, growing in the caves and on the islands. There are a few animals also, once again, near the watery regions, animals such as seals and other mammals who are used to cold water. Birds are seldom seen, but they come often to the islands of the Duergar which I have written in the previous post. Surprisingly, near the border between Niflheim and Helheim, Mammoths can be seen, near the area where the river Gjöll comes out of Niflheim and falls into a huge Waterfall with hidden caves behind it, where Loki once hid himself from the Aesir. Near this are, trees start to grow, and turf fro the Mammoths to feed on.

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