Vanaheim Part II

Continuing with the theme of the previous post, now it is time to write about the places of interest in Vanaheim, at least those most run in to.
Njord might be the most famous deity ofthe Vanir, as well as his children, Freyr and Freyja of course. After the war between the Aesir and the Vanir came to an end with a draw, the two tribes of deities exchanged members of their own tribes end sent them to the oposite side to ensure that peace was kept. Njord was one of the Vanir who was sent to the Aesir, however, he still visits his homeland and has a home in Vanaheim. Its name is Noatun, a white arched and very tall building that lies on the north-eastern bay of Vanaheim.

Njord is married with Nerthus, even if it was only a ceremonial wedding, but she is the mother of Freyr and Freyja. She is the high priestess of Vanaheim. As their wedding was only for ceremonial purposes, they do not live together. She lives on an island in the exact center of Vanaheim, where her house, sacred grove and temple are.

Freyr, being a Vanir, of course he has a home in Vanaheim, although, he also has many other homes in other places, for he is a very important god and is needed in many places. Strange as it might sound, he does not have a home in Asgard, while there, he stays at his sister’s hall, Sessrumnir, the hall of Freyja. Half of the year he goes to Asgard, the other half he returns to Vanaheim, however, while he must spend his time in Asgard due to the after-war peace arrangments, he seldom is there, he passes most of the time in Alfheim in his own house. His hall in Vanaheim lies in the Borri woodland which I have written about in the previous post. There he lives with his wife Gerda, in the hall with the roof made of golden corn and woven straw.

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