Vanaheim is the realm of the Vanir deities of the Norse Pantheon. This race of deities and spirits are linked to agriculture, their main focus is the fertility of both the earth and living creatures. Their connection with magic and Seidr is exclusive, it was they who taught the other deities and mortals, how to work with this kind of magic.
Vanaheim lies to the West, below Alfheim and Asgard. It is unknown the origin of the Vanir race, they came before the Aesir, however, they have only established their settlements and lives in Vanaheim after the Aesir already had their home in Asgard.

As I have told you before, in my point of view, these worlds are in fact one huge world, and a shaman in his/her journey doesnt actualy go on foot, he appears in a place and travels, and then in an other journey in trance or an out of the body expirience, he will appear in a completely different place, which lead people to believe, they are actually traveling into other worlds, but in truth, they visit realms in that same world, so Vanaheim is no exception. There is a feeling that the world is below Alfheim and Asgard, because the best fields for agriculture, are plain fields, in woodlands etc. below the mountains, and because the way to Alfheim is up, it gives that feeling that Alfheim is a vast world above Vanaheim and on the other hand, Asgard is up into the mountains on the other side. So now that I have given you my point of view, you can understand this better, lets get back to the subject.

Vanaheim is indeed a perfect realm for agriculture, it has the four seasons perfectly balanced, and the weather is propitious for the growth of whatever someone might plant in order to harvest it later. Suffice to say that Vanaheim has the best weather and climate of all the nine realms.

Vanaheim is a smaller continent compared with the others, a giant island in the middle of the ocean, not linked by land to Alfheim or any other continent. The central area of Vanaheim is filled with hills, meadows and pastureland. There is a lot of woodland, but not vast areas of it, small woodlands “sprinkled” throughout the land. The coastal areas vary, depending on the zone, some are open beaches, others are rocky cliffs, to the north the snowy mountain chain sinks into the ocean and the beaches there are covered in snow.
The main profession in Vanaheim is Fishing and Agriculture in this green continent with the most fertile soils of all the Nine realms. It is from Vanaheim that most agriculture products come from, Vanaheim has a few ports to trade with all the ther realms.

The Vanaheim inhabitants are scattered and organized into small villages, there are no cities, nor a place where all the Vanir deities live all together. However, the gathering of the deities and the representatives of each village (when these aren’t Vanir deities) happens from time to time, in different places, to discuss different subjects concerning all. Villages are built around a sacred grove, small houses and halls are usually the type of villages built in these areas, some of them have buildings for respective religious purposes.

The largest woodland is called Barri and lies to the east of Vanaheim, closed to Jotunheim. Filled with trees of golden leaves, that grow higher than anyother tree in those parts. Some say that these trees came from Jotunheim, which isn’t strange because as a matter of fact, there aren’t anyother trees like these in all of Vanaheim. This is the very woodland where the god Freyr met his bride Gerda.

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