Rune Reading: The Runic V Method

The Runic V Method

As its name suggests, this pattern is made up of seven randomly chosen runes in the shape of the letter “v”. The runes should be placed starting at the top of the left-hand arm of the v. Place three runes in a downward-tending diagonal, one at the bottom (this is called the keystone) and then three more rising diagonally from it, tending towards the right. This shape is considered significant because it represents the sacred enclosures used by the priests of the ancient Norse in Scandinavia. This arrangement can be used for general readings or in answer to a specific question.

Position 1: The general influences of the past.

Position 2: Present circumstances.

Position 3: General prospects and hopes for the future.

Position 4: The keystone. This is the most important rune in the reading. Take special note of it because it denotes the best possible course of action that you could take.

Position 5: The attitudes and emotional states of those around you.

Position 6: Potential problems that may delay or frustrate your plans.

Position 7: The outcome.

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