FAQ – Are The Runes Reliable?

When working with the runes, people must know that, this kind of divination, will not tell them exactly how the future will be, it will not tell them what they want to hear or want to know. The runes will help you, telling you what must be done, the best path to take according with your past history, the paths you have taken, your choices. The runes themselves along with the many methods to read them, will design your past life in a whole path that was taken, showing the present circumstances, and will help you, guide you, in which is the best path to take, what must be done by you and only you, it will give you the choices, and you must choose for yourself what will lead you to a better life.

When asking a specific question, keep it in mind, the runes will show you for certain, if not, it is because the answer is in the gods keeping and you are not supposed to know.

Some people have a great difficulty in reading the runes, that’s because some people are more receptive to the runes, than others, but don’t let that disappoint you or let you down, because they work well in the same way, it’s just, those that aren’t that receptive to the runes, will have the double of the work to actually understand them, or to understand the entire meaning of them. I’m saying this because by my own experience, i’m not actually a person receptive to the runes, i know how to work with them, i know how to read, i understand what the runes show me, but reading them is way more difficult to me, than for exemple.. my girlfriend Ana Teresa, she is way more receptive to them, than me, i can do exaclty the same thing, but the answers or the entire story of my life, will come slowly or in pieces, or some things will not be showned to me, and to her, the runes speak with “great eloquence”, and the design of her life or the life to whom she is reading the runes, will just “pop out” perfectly.

Can i tattoo a rune?

Well, about tattooing runes, i strongly recommend you to read the entire “Runes” Lable and what each rune is good for, what are the effects on the body and what kind of illness it can help to cure or to heal. You can tattoo a rune, a specific rune that helps you in a specific problem in the part of the body which has that kind of problem.
I’ve got an other question – if that is possible to tattoo or to cary in a neckless or other kinds of ways, a specific rune, which is more turned to the male gender, but you are a woman, or vs versa. Well in this case, it doesn’t matter if you are from the male gender or the female one, each rune has its purpose, of course, some are more turned to a gender than to the other, because some powers and some needs, are special to just one gender, for exemple the birth of a child, the rune that helps with that, is of course more turned to the female gender, or problems with the womb or the ovaries, well you got the point, but each rune doesn’t have just those helpfull gifts or powers, it has others that share the needs of us all, so there is no problem to carry a rune that is turned to a gender that is not your own, because it will help you anyway, in other needs, in other cases or it can also help a friend or a family member from the opposite sex.

Any more questions about the runes, feel free to ask, i’ve just put here the answers to the, more often questions i get about the runes. If you need advise, i will be around, just ask.

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