Divination With Runes: The Nine-Rune Cast Method

The Nine-Rune Cast Method

This is a method that is very close to the classical rune-casting written about Tacitus. Although there is no formal arrangment of the runes in this method, it is nevertheless a very revealing way of consulting the mysteries of fate. Although your intuition is the most important factor when consulting the runes in this way, there are certain rules that will help you to make sense of the fall of the runes. The best way to do this is to make a note of each rune in turn and possibly also to sketch their relative positions in your notebook.


Randomly pick nine runes from your pile. Hold them in your hands while allowing a question to form in your mind. When you consider yourself to be in a receptive mental state, cast the nine runes onto a white cloth. You will find that a number will land face upwards, while other will be inverted. Those that are upright should be read first (remember to make a note of them in your rune notebook). These runes will reveal the situation that you find yourself in, as well as showing the factors in the past that have led to it.


Once you have done this, look at the runes that lie face up at the centre of the cloth. Runes in the centre are very important, and you should take your time interpreting them. They may advise you on what decisions to make, warn you of future pitfalls or reveal hither to unknown influences in your life.


Now look at the runes that are lying face up on the edges of the cloth (if some have left the cloth entirely, their importance is diminished to the point at which they can be ignored). The general rule is that the further a rune is from the centre, the less important it will be. These runes will show the influence of others on your question.


Now look at the runes that have landed face down. These represent the future and should be read in the order that you turn them over, ensuring that they remain in the same position relative to the other runes. You will find that another level of reading is now possible because the individual runes will form groupings. Some will be found in pairs, others singly or in threes. You can then apply the rules of the single-rune and three Norns methods to find out more about the hiddden meanings of the runic symbols.


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