Divination With Runes: The Three Norns Method

The Three Norns Method

This method is named after the three goddesses of fate and involves drawing three runes in precisely the same way as for the single-rune method. The three are then placed side by side and read in order that they were drawn. As the casting’s name implies, this method gives a specific reading relating to the past, present and future. The runes of the three Norns method are traditionally read from right to left.

Click the image to see the exemple. If you can’t read, i will just write it in here.

Position 1. The place of Urd

A rune in this position reveals events in the past that have direct relevance to the present situation and form the foundations of the future.

Position 2. The place of Verdandi

This rune refers to present circumstances and will point out any choices that will have to be made in the very near future.

Position 3. The place of Skuld

This is likely to be the most difficult rune to interpret because it relates to the veiled future. It may reveal an aspect of your fate that is as yet unknown. It may equally either show the outcome of current trends or provide a possible future scenario that is dependent on the choices that you make.

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