The Shaman, The Hunter, Hunting and Eating Souls

On today’s video let us explore the role of the shaman in its comunity when it comes to deal with hunting, hunters, the killing of animal-kin and consumption of souls.

Introduction – 00:00

Stealing Bodies and Consuming Souls – 04:59

Propitiating Spirits and Angry Souls – 09:28

Not Everyone Can Hunt – 13:15

Hunting is Sacrifice – 18:23

Keepers of Animals – 21:53

Mediation, Apology, Recompense and Respect – 23:58

The Romanticism of Hunting – 31:09

Power-Animals – 34:29

Horns, Antlers and Tusks – 39:07

Was Meat Responsible for Human Evolution? – 43:15

Could Indigenous Peoples Be Vegan? – 51:24

Bibliography & End Screen – 01:01:20

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