Tribal Heathenry

What makes Tribal Heathenry so different from Neo-pagan Germanic organizations such as Odinism and Ásatrú? What does it stand for, and what are the main objectives of this movement within Heathenism?



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One response to “Tribal Heathenry

  1. it touched me in the heart and seemed to express what i have been really looking for in being part of a heathen group.being part of nature and in contact with the spirits.still i want to know more about this tribal thinking:will it exclude people who for example have half african half german roots or who for example are gay?because i have since long found that i am heathen and nature is my religion and i studied much about the edda,the runes and skandinavian culture,also try to find animistic and shamanistic hints in fairytales but would rather go my own path than be in a group or tribe where nazis or racists or homophob people are.

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