Völvur By: Arith Härger

Völvur By: Arith Härger

Völvur – Pencils H, 2H, HB, 2B and F, Gel pen and Black Marker.

Vǫlva ( or Völva in Icelandic ), plural vǫlur in Old Norse and völvur in Icelandic, were the women practitioners of Norse magic and Shamanism, as it is said or Seiðr, usually they can be also refered as spákona or spækona. In the ancient Norse culture, the only workers of such magic, rune reading and shamanic practices were women, men couldn’t do it. According to tradition it was extremely shameful and dishonorable for a man to adopt a female social or sexual role. A man who practiced seidr could expect to be labeled ergi (Old Norse for “unmanly”). If you want to know more about it and why was this only the work of women, I will be writing a post at my blogs and I will let you all know, message me if you are intereste in this and when it is ready, I shall send you the link.

It’s not my habit drawing female nudes, but when I do, I want to make a story behind the models or create a mystical and magical atmosphere. Not drawing a nude body just because. I don’t like to make it simple nor give the impression that a nude body is just a nude body and nothing else, just a model, and object. I prefer to channel the figure into a story, a purpose, having a meaning. So this drawing here was actually to draw the attention of the viewer, so the person could be dragged into the mystery of the magic-practitioners of the Norse, the women who practiced the old shamanic traditions till late, those who practiced Seiðr.

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask. As I have written in this post, I can send you the link to the post I have written about this subject. Any other questions you have, you can always ask me at http://ask.fm/ArithHarger

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