Waterscapes in Nordic Mythology: The Gods of the Sea

This is the second part of these very short series on “Waterscapes in Nordic Mythology”, this time focusing on the Old Norse gods of the sea, understanding their attributes in the myths which helps us to reflect upon the emotions lived and experienced by human communities by the contact with the natural landscape, reconciling with important elements of the religious and the supernatural.

Bibliography at the end of this video.

Introduction – 00:00

Experiencing the Landscape – 01:55

Glorifying Water – 03:55

Finding Njord – 07:38

Giving Meaning to the Landscape – 08:36

Njord’s Attributes – 10:12

Aegir the God of the Sea – 16:08

Rán and the Daughters of the Sea – 25:25

Final Considerations – 32:10

Bibliography – 34:10

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