Vikings, Nordic Symbols, Supremacists and Manipulation of Fear

On this video let us focus on a few contexts of appropriation of Nordic symbols, icnonography, mythological accounts and images, from the part of certain groups with extremist ideals, to express their racial doctrines. The appropriation and re-interpretation of the “viking” culture to establish a superficial “primitive” spirituality to justify nationalist romantic movements drawing inspiration from an imagined “Golden Age” of Pagan Europe.

Bibliography at the end of this video.

Introduction – 00:00

Establishing Grounds – 00:28

Paradox of (In)Tolerance – 03:56

Destroying Culture – 05:51

The “Viking” Extremists – 08:00

Appropriation and Re-Interpretation of Culture – 11:49

Institutionalization of Neo-Paganism – 16:28

The Valknut – 20:00

Yggdrasil – 22:13

Mjölnir – 24:26

Superficial “Primitive” Spirituality – 28:16

Political Freedom of Appropriation – 30:24

“Racist Paganism” – 34:52

Cultural Belonging – 38:24

The Science of Hate – 39:49

A Naive and Romantic “Golden Age” Ancestry – 44:08

Cancel Culture Vs Education Culture – 48:49

Bibliography & End Screen – 01:00:37

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