Religious Practice in Nordic Paganism

How did Nordic peoples practiced their pre-Christian religions? Before we understand the religious practice of pre-Christian Nordic belief systems, especially of the Late Iron Age and the Early Middle Ages in Scandinavia (Viking Age) we have to understand what we truly know about this subject based on the sources of study at hand, as well as the surviving literary evidences, archaeological contexts as well as the romanticisms created around this historical period. Many factors have to be taken into consideration before we delve into the historical practice of a religiosity.

Introduction – 00:00

Religion as an Interdisciplinary Study – 01:44

Sources of Knowledge – 03:06

Blaiming Christianity – 09:36

Paganism is Syncretism – 12:12

Cessation of Paganism – 14:42

Pagan Practices in Secret? – 16:55

Religion adopts Religions – 18:26

Pagan Spirit wasn’t Preserved – 20:27

There’s no Pagan Golden Age – 21:54

Pagan Reconstructionism doesn’t Exist – 23:21

We Express Through Creation – 25:31

Historical-Literature and Archaeology – 27:00

Places of Worship (Altars and Temples) – 29:53

Descriptions of Temples – 34:50

Animal Sacrifices – 41:35

Naming a Lost Practice – 46:25

Religion and Religiosity – 48:25

Ancient Tradition – 51:47

Cults and Belief-Systems of the People – 52:46

Institutionalizing Neo-Paganisms – 54:54

“Nordic Holy Trinity” – 57:23

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