The Magic Formula ALU

Today let us explore the meaning of the runic formula ALU (and Laukaz), one of the most used magic formulas of the 2nd half of Early Iron Age and Migration Period in Germanic context.

Bibliography at the end of this video.

Introduction – 00:00

Alu Magic – 04:09

Transforming into Sacred – 09:56

Consecrated Ale – 14:36

Laukaz Alu – 18:36

Plants of Revival – 24:37

Tale of the Prick – 28:35

Fertility Charm – 32:49

Ale the Dead – 34:35

Allium Magic – 37:07

Necromantic Revival – 38:20

Talismans brought to Life – 41:20

Beer, Ale, Mead and Cider – 45:36

Bibliography – 53:43

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