The Cult of Thor: Is Thor a War God?

Welcome to the first video of 2022 in this channel! The 2nd video on my “Cult of Thor” series. Today let us answer the question if Thor is a war god. Hope you enjoy this video, may it be useful, and happy New Year!

Bibliography at the end of this video.

Introduction – 00:00

God of Duels? – 02:21

Thor’s Kennings – 05:05

Thor’s Relation with Giants – 07:17

Relationships with the Sámi – 12:32

Thor and Jörmungandr – 20:46

Protector of Farmers – 24:10

The Hammer and the Cross – 31:26

The Weather-Person – 35:20

Thor in Iceland – 43:34

Bibliography – 50:50

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