Death in Animism: The Transformation of Relationships

Today I would like to approach the subject of death, in Animism, as the transformation of relationships within human social groups and how it “forces” certain behaviours in order to maintain ongoing relationships after death. Hope you enjoy it!

Bibliography at the end of this video.

Introduction – 00:00

The Sources (a rant?) – 01:25

Maintaining Relationships after Death – 07:40

Yearly Rituals and Gift-Economy – 11:18

Reinforcing Relationships through Objects – 15:23

Cyclical Transformations of Relationships – 19:48

Death Modifies Identities – 24:17

Relations with the Transformed Dead – 27:50

Ritual Communication – 33:17

Eating and Living Respectfully – 35:35

Shamanism: Avoiding Unnecessary Killing and Transformations – 40:10

Inappropriate Killing – 47:14

Bibliography & End Screen – 50:59

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