Ataegina – The Mother of Rebirth

Today we shall talk about the Celto-Iberian goddess Ataegina, Mother of Rebirth and Lady of the Underworld. Hope you enjoy today’s video! Cheers!

Bibliography by the end of this video.

Special Intro – 00:00

Introduction – 02:18

Places of Cult – 04:15

The Horned Goddess – 09:30

Ataegina-Proserpina – 12:02

Centre of Cult – 17:07

Mother of Rebirth – 18:37

Lady of the Underworld – 20:54

Goddess of Healing – 24:27

Goddess of Curses and Justice – 25:30

Goat Goddess – 26:29

The Goddess of “Portugal” – 27:57

Bibliography – 33:11

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Credits: The introduction video is entirely made by Arith Härger (myself, hehehe). The images are all from Portugal I had the opportunity to record in some of my trips across the country.

The music was done with one single electric guitar, including the “bass”, as I neither have the money nor the space to have an actuall bass lol. Same reason there are no drums in the song. Growls are also me – that’s what people hear when I wake up from a nap.

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