Through the Maze: History of the Trojaborg Labyrinth

This video is about the historical evolution of the so called “troja” / “trojaborg” (troy/troy castle) type of labyrinth found in Scandinavia, mostly in southern Sweden and in Sápmi, and along the Gulf of Bothnia. We shall take an historical trip into the ring, cup marks and labyrinths of the Iberian Neolithic, go through the mediterranean into classical civilizations, a jump into the Christian mazes and labyrinths and finally going north into Scandinavia, and the impact that Christianity, colonization and reformation had over the Sámi and their own labyrinthine contributions in Finland and Russia, especially in Finnmark, Kola Peninsula and the White Sea.

Bibliography by the end of this video.

Check the description of the video, at YouTube, for more information.

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