Animism: Vital Force, Witchcraft, Soul & Spirit

Speaking about Vital Force, and the conceptions of Soul and Spirit within Animism, as well as creating parallels with traditional witchcraft and its practical approaches.

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One response to “Animism: Vital Force, Witchcraft, Soul & Spirit

  1. I just finished watching this, this one is so beautiful Arith, thankyyou so much for bringing this knowledge forward. I always had thoughts like so much of this and never spoke to anyone about them – i wasn’t even sure how to explain it – and do it justice. And i had no name for it. I’m still , and may be for a while semi-laid up from an accident and i miss the trees that i visit – today -i got myself on my bike, risking more injury to my knee – but i cannot be away from nature and the sky – and that bird that is singing somewhere – as you said. For me being in life is about appreciation and learning from everything that is all around us. – Eri ana

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