Heathenry of Hate – Hypocrisy and Politics

Speaking about the events on the 6th of January 2021 – white-supremacists, Qanon, Trump-supporters, storming the US Capitol. I’ll take the opportunity to take a more historiographical approach to certain cultural symbols of the Nordic Middle Ages, used by such extremists, hate groups and organizations, to express their political ideologies. The historical background that led to the transformation of certain historical symbols into icons of hatred.

In terms of religion and spirituality, ask yourself these questions: Whatever ancestry you think you have, does it really give you the right over anything? Do you own your ancestors? All of them? Or just the ones you specifically picked and disregarded the rest? And do you know all of them? What right do you have to choose ones over others? Why do you make such distinctions? Do you own the gods? Are certain gods only yours to worship, venerate, adore? They will only listen to you because of your cultural heritage and the religion, spirituality and ancestry you have chosen? What about religious symbols? Are they really yours? Are they registered trademarks? You own specific symbols because part of your ancestors also used those symbols? Do you know if such symbols and if your ancestors had the same morals, values, wishes, meanings than you have today? Is a tradition yours? Are you so special and so mighty and powerful that you can own a culture? Reflect upon this, please.

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One response to “Heathenry of Hate – Hypocrisy and Politics

  1. I’m a bit disappointed in your political statement. You are in a different country and have no idea of the realities happening here is the states. Your information comes from main steam media, I’m assuming by your statement. The truth as your so fond of discovering will come out. I was actually taken aback by your statement. Classifying a group of people as white Supremacist without knowing them is in my book wrong. Labeling eighty million people that way, is what is wrong with this world.

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