A Heathen Traditionalist Left Hand Path

On this video I’m going to focus on the organization Rune-Gild and the figure of Stephen E. Flowers (Edred Thorsson) and his works. Both he and his movement have had a tremendous worldwide influence concerning the runes and giving certain perspectives about pre-Christian Scandinavian pagan history. But what’s this organization all about? Is it truly a Neo-pagan/Heathen organization? A Radical-Traditionalism? A Left-Hand Path? All these three esoteric currents make all the difference so we might understand the aim of this movement and of Edred Thorsson’s. Going to explore the heavy influences behind Thorsson and his works to understand how far the rabbit hole goes.

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One response to “A Heathen Traditionalist Left Hand Path

  1. Afternoon. I wanted to give you a different spin on the runes. I personally believe that they are notes, like on a music sheet. They tune to a unique vibrational frequency, to communicate with the vibrational realm. Music and mathematics are universal languages. When singing them you tune to a vibrational frequency, feeling the energy connections. So, well that’s my understanding and how they work for me. If that has been said before I apologize, but I haven’t seen in mentioned in that context. Have a lovely day.

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