The Gift of the Vanir


I welcome all of you to 2020. Let me present you a video, on this first day of the new year, that expresses life, and therefore hope. The Gift of the Vanir!



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2 responses to “The Gift of the Vanir

  1. Wow! And a Happy New Year to you Arith!

    I have very much enjoyed your videos on the Runes and other topics on the Norse Belief System, as this and many other magical studies is something that I’ve been forever drawn to even as a child.

    Your representions of these informations reveal you to be a seeker of truth even at the possible disapproval of some. I really appreciate this as it is a quality so often lacking in today’s world.

    I cannot express my gratitude enough in finding your videos and blogs

    Thankyou so much for your awesome video on the Gifts of the Vanir and all your other information on the Pagan ways.

    May you have a Blessed New Year and all your hopes a plans for this year come into full fruition!

    Keep up the good work!

    In Sincere Gratitude, Robin

  2. I know that she is not of the Vanir, but I was curious about what you know of the Goddess, Eir? Do you know of any good resources to read more about her, by any chance?

    I love your videos and look forward to getting a few moments to watch them!

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