Herodias – The First Witch


Who was the first witch? Herodias. But why? How? Who is she? Let’s talk about her.



Why am I talking about this subject? : Herodias is the first witch to have been recorded in written form, and it’s important to know her story because of her importance in the medieval imagery, and she became the archetypal figure of the witch. Most of the traits and phenomenon we recognize in the figure of the witch, come in fact from the biblical descriptions of Herodias. Many pagan goddesses were equated with Herodias and gained the same traits and abilities Herodias possessed. So by knowing Herodias, not only we understand the fantasy-constructions of the Middle Ages expressed in the figure of the witch, but we also know the Christian influences upon pagan goddesses and therefore it will be easier to understand what is actually the pagan-mentality on the divine and what are the Christian conceptions, so we may better understand the origins. Knowing this avoids a lot of neo-pagan assumptions towards a variety of deities and towards paganism itself. There are many “Goddesses of the Witches” that Neo-pagans praise and honour, who were never pagan in nature and are actually Christian constructions derived from Herodias – such is the case of Aradia, Erodiade and many more, and of course Pagan goddesses who gained Herodias traits and abilities by Christian hands, such as Diana, Hecate, Holle, Holda and so on. Know the differences and avoid making mistakes and keep feeding those same mistakes and terrible misconceptions.


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