Rise of the Witch


Witchcraft – the dark feminine side of women, as it is perceived by our western society for many centuries. But is ir really? What led to the image of the witch being associated with evil and misfortune? Let’s explore the societies of the past to understand the progressive denigration of the image of the wise-woman.



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2 responses to “Rise of the Witch

  1. Dear Arith – thank you so much for this video. I share all your videos; but this one especially i am tagging some very special dear friends of mine – This is a special time for me, my ‘adopted’ birthday – and i have had many blessings this day . . I bought the book that you did the review on – it arrived by Fed ex today; i think I will be loving that. Also got some beauty presents from a good friend of mine Rashana. Lovely. As well, have had some good dreaming, and nice visits from my fox friend whom i feed in the nearby graveyard. This feels like a good new moon, and new year. Cheers and blessings to you – Eriana

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