Ergi & Homosexuality in the Viking Age

Certain perceptions we have of what we think is real, isn’t quite what it seemed. Certain terms and ideas have been greatly distorted because of the inability to be impartial and seek out the truth as it is. The laws of Man and the laws of Religions have greatly influenced our collective consciousness, which created clear limitations on our ability to perceive the world. When a distorted image of reality is given to us as the only possible truth for generations, no one will question anymore the veracity of such claims.



0:00 – Intro: (reasons to make this video)

8:23 – Homosexuality in Western Societies

19:00 – Homosexuality in Viking Age Society

31:45 – Ergi & Trollskapr – As Magical Performances

38:30 – Ergi in the Sources

50:10 – Other Notes

01:01:30 – Special Thanks

If you are wondering about the Thumbnail of this video, it’s quite simple: The main idea: We live in a society which resembles a house made of glass. We can see beyond the glass, we know what exists outside, but we avoid reality and keep it outside in the rain, while we live in a little bubble of delusions and personal fantasies just to fervently deny reality. We have done this for centuries. We know of all the things that exist out there, but we refuse to acknowledge them and we keep them outside our societies because the laws of Man and the Religious laws dictate what is right and what is wrong. Our collective consciousness and perceptions of reality are illusions and false ideas of right and wrong, good and evil. No one is truly free because some live inside the house made of glass, and others live outside it. We are so close to each other and yet separated by a thin fragile glass of world-views dictated by authorities that forces us to believe in their narrow perceptions of reality. You can go outside or let them in, but the best choise would be to break the glass. The glass is ignorance, which prevents us from being free to follow our emotions, because our societies destroy emotion to create empty vessels and fill them with whatever poison to better control us. They have the antidote, and so we follow their authority and their limited perceptions of reality, just to live another day. Some live inside the house made of glass and will never be free, and others live outside it but stay in the dark and will never be truly happy. Thumbnail art: The human figure has no gender, it’s just a silhouette of a human being, kept outside, desperately trying to get in and be accepted by the society that lives inside in denial of reality. This applies to the concept of Ergi as well – freedom of behaviour kept outside the community, because social norms constructed by ignorance dictate how one should behave, and any “exaggerations of behaviours” that go against illusions of “right conduct” are frowned upon, judged and ignored.


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