Suicide in Paganism [Video]

WARNING: discussion of suicide ; This video is marked with under-age restriction!

Can Paganism give us answers in how to deal with suicide? Let’s see what our ancestors thought.

There are many reasons leading people to commit suicide and depression is one of such reasons. Sometimes we think we are very comprehensible with those who suffer in loneliness, but that’s because we watch it from a safe distance. When depression strikes someone close to us we do not hesitate to lable them as a negative influence upon our lives. It’s compreenshible. All we want is to be happy and get rid of everything that pushes us down into the same darkness depressive people live in. Those with depression are left alone not only because for other people it ceases to be bearable, but also because the ones with depression unintentionally push those they love further away from them. Depression requires loneliness so it can fester and feed upon sadness and anger, spreading faster and consuming our body and mind until there is no escape but death. Hope is the greatest weapon against depression. Do not lose hope on you or others. Seek help, because it might not seem so but help can be given in hours of great despair.



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