Easter – Pagan or Christian?

Hello dear friends, how are you? Spring is almost upon us and with it the celebration of life and rebirth. Winter has its beauty and magic but let us leave behind the cold for a while and embrace this beautiful equilibrium of nature with the coming of the Vernal Equinox. Check out my new video about the subject; more will come:

This is the first out of three videos about the Vernal Equinox (Spring). In this one the question is simple – is Easter Pagan or Christian?. On the next video I will talk about the goddess Eostre and the connection between Easter and rabbits/hares and eggs. On the final video I will talk about the Northern-European pagan celebration called Sigrblót/Sigerblot/Ostarablot. Enjoy friends and tack för idag! 😀

(o.O ) ~The owl-bunny!
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