Working With The Gods : Freyr

Because this month started with a celebration to Freyr, it seems that talking about him would be a good opportunity, because he is one of the most famous gods in the Nordic pantheon and many feel both love and respect and are inclined to worship him.

Freyr is one of the very few norse deities easier to work with. He is a kind god, fair, willing to help. Freyr likes homemade food, such as bread and vegetables from your farm or home garden, food as natural and organic as possible. Freyr encourages people to grow their own food. Freyr also likes meat, although he prefers fruits and vegetables, but if you really want to give him meat, make sure it comes from an animal who was raised in a farm, in good conditions, with an healthy, happy life, well taken care of until its death. Freyr isn’t a vegetarian deity, he doesn’t encourage people to eat only vegetables and fruits, but he his a deity that shows much respect for all living things, that is why if you serve him meat, that mustn’t be from the poorly, horrible, industrial business that slaughters animals in mass, and treats them like an old sack of potatoes. Serve him food without any chemical poisons as well. Freyr also likes beer and I has a thing for cherries.
The colors of Freyr are yellow, green and gold. If you want to use a specific type of clothing just to work with Freyr in any ritual, use one made of linen, or cotton, cloths made of fiber from plants, he will be happy about it.
Take notice, that unlike many of the Norse deities who require a kind of weapon in rituals and ceremonies, Freyr doesn’t want one, while working with him, be sure that you don’t bring a weapon of any kind. Freyr works with both genders, men and women.

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