Jotunheim Part V

I may have forgotten a few places of Jotunheim, but the posts are getting too long and this is already the V (5th) part and I intend to finalize the Jotunheim chapter here. So enough of writing about the places, for it is a large continent/realm and lets move on to the type of fauna.

All over the nine worlds of the norse cosmology there are a lot of creatures that have been seen by those who do spiritual work. There are many accounts since times immemorial, that still run in the folk tales from generation to generation. Of these animals, somo are known and exist in our own world, others have existed in our world and gone extint, others are exclusive of these realms. But Jotunheim has the largest and the most deversity of animals so far known. As you can probably imagine, most of Jotunheim is untouched by the hands that aren’t nature’s ones. Ancient creatures still lurk within this realm, primal fauna such as cave lions for example, sabertooth tigers and such creatures of the Ice age. There are a lot of wolves that run in packs all over the place.
There are many insects, mostly in the swamp areas, but during summer they tend to spread a lot because the weather cools off a bit, enough for these creatures to come about. Most forests and are to be avoided if one does not know the way in and out of them, there are fierce creatures there, but also the trees themselves are dangerous, very ancient and the roots are large and very long, one might trip over them and fall into unknown and deep holes, ancient caves, or be trapped and lie there waiting for a large predator to appear and eat you whole.

There are also a lot of herbs unknown to us, or at least to those who aren’t able to go there, or even for those who can, most don’t have the time to linger and study these herbs and other plants. Some grow on the very bark of the trees, among the moss and lichens, others on the ground and in few cases on stone. Speaking of stone, one might come across a few mounds made of stone with smoke coming out of them, these are dwellings of the Jutnar folk, not all are like these, it varies from tribe to tribe, even place. If you aren’t certain if they are friendly or not, don’t come any closer.

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