Jotunheim Part I

Contrary to what people might think, Jotunheim is actually a beautiful land and not at all covered with ice and snow, but it is a very dangerous realm and forbidden to most. Everything in this realm is quite big, everything is larger than usual. Jotunheim was created to be the new home of all the Jotnar race.

The days in Jotunheim are a little shorter than the days in Midgard, and sunset and sunrise happen more quickly. Usualy the sky there is very light, but storms often fall from it and there is a great deal of rainfall, especially near the coast line and during spring time. During these storms, it is common to see a fire getting started in the forest due to the lightning strikes. When the storms don’t cover the land, this is a very bright realm as long as one keeps a distance from the forests, for those there are very thick and block out most of the light. This is one of the reasons why those who have traveled there, had the idea that this was a very dark and gloomy world, it is covered with thick forests and high mountains that block the light of the sky. Most of Jotunheim is under thick and vast forests and huge mountains, but of course there are parts with meadows, but these are very few compared to the rest of the realm.

There are three major mountain chains in Jotunheim, one on the eastern side turning Northward, a cold part of Jotunheim, almost as cold as Niflheim itself. There other one is right at the middle of Jotunheim, dividing this realm in two, a natural barrier that descends to the south, and finally, the mountain chain that goes along the western coast, called Nidfjoll mountains.
The famous Iron Wood lies in the southernmost area of Jotunheim. Suprisingly, this is the place where the trees are shorter and rather twisted. The southeastern area of Jotunheim is hot and steamy, with rainforests and multiple small rivers. The widest river in Jotunheim is called Elivagar, which in fact
is filled with salt water coming from the ocean. This river makes a natural barrier between the southern part of Jotunheim and the Northern part of Midgard, since Midgard lies to the Southwest of Jotunheim. The north border of Jotunheim is the great Thund Thvitr, the second-largest river and the line between Jotunheim and Asgard. It is filled with small fortresses and other settlements as outposts. Another famous river is the Slith, with very agitated waters, that make the southern border of the Iron Wood.

In the northwest corner, near to the Thund Thvitr, is the forest of Galgvid, where Eggther stands watchful in his encampment along with many guards. This might be one of the few safe places to be, as long as no one speaks about the Aesir or shows any affiliation with them. Eggther is the keeper of Volund’s, the sword of revenge. His assistant is Fjalar, not the duergar (dwarf) of the same name, but a giant.

Just off the coast of the western sea, the coastline is broken and many small islands are scattered all over the waters. Furthest out lies the island of Allgron, a midway-trading-point between Vanaheim and Jotunheim. It is owned by a giant called Fjolvar.

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