Working With The Gods: Heimdall

Heimdall is possibly the less called deity when it comes to spiritual work. Not that people haven’t tried or have no need for him, on the contrary, he is much needed, but he is also needed on his post for he is a guardian deity and seldom leaves his halls or its surroundings. He was once called to protect young boys or to attend the rituals when young boys become men. He is a good advisor for the young and he also protects them, but nowadays that kind of work isn’t done as often as it used to be.

Doing spiritual work with Heimdall is very hard, only in very few circumstances will he come to the spiritual-worker. Most of the time it is the person doing the spirital work that will come to him. This out of the body experience will be easier for the spiritual-worker. Heimdall prefers male spiritual-workers, and the young who have recently become adults, he has much to teach to the young ones who have just began their journey and fight in this world.

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