The Fylfot

There are still doubts about the Norse and Germanic symbols which most people still think of them as hate symbols, which isn’t true, but during the WWII the Nazis made a very good propaganda to those symbols and it inserted fear into the hearts of all. But we live in the XXI century and it is time to differentiate ancient history and the meaning of symbols with the use of the same but in modern times and with political purposes.

The swastika in India was the synonymous of life and regeneration. It is the oldest relic of the generative and regenerative powers of nature, such as the Fylfot for the ancient Germanic peoples. The forces of sexuality and nature were personified as being subjected to the gods regency with the purpose of being elevated from their earthly condition to pass into a spiritually transfiguration.

It was the feminine aspect that served as a unifier of the male triad, thus forming the four sacred facets. Freyja, as the supreme theophany female, is always present among the major gods of Asgard, Odin, Thor and Tyr.
The male triad is also represented by Odin and his two brothers, Vili and Vé.

Odin is unity. It is the pure self, the higher consciousness, the purest energy. Odin originally represented the anger, the flame of combat, the deity of Shamanism, trance, the music, the ecstasy and enchantment.

Vili is the pure universal will that becomes the individual expression of the will of transformation, evolution and change. This is the challenge to find and reveal the will of our spiritual existence. The higher self that shows us the power of transformation, the impulse of evolution, authenticity and spiritual attribute. The real spiritual vocation of the individual.

Vé is the sanctuary, the sacred grove, natural temple, he is revealed in the body or created in nature. The primary forest of the Germanic peoples, the Urwald.

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