Muspellheim is one of the nine realms of the Norse cosmology, the Land of Fire. It is one of the first two primal worlds created around the World Tree, and the collision between Muspellheim and Niflheim or fire and water/ice, created the energy that formed the basis for the other seven worlds.

Muspelheim is one of the realms of the spiritual world a spiritual worker can visit while in a state of altered consciousness. We have to take into account, that the worlds of the Norse cosmology aren’t just myth, they are actual realms connected with each other.

Muspelheim being a volcanic, filled with flame, dust and magma, a traveler doesn’t have the perception if it is day or night, the sun and the moon are completely veiled by smoke, but it doesn’t really matter the kind of season or day time in Muspelheim, everything will look just the same the entire year, and the sky in a constant red and orange light. It is a hostile place and none live there, naught remains alive in such place with the exception of the Fire Etins natives to the land, everything else is a vast landscape as far as the eye can see with just molten rocks, lava, dust and scorched land. However, there is a part of this world that is less hostile and it can be visited with caution, where the land meets the ocean, black sanded beaches with hot springs and houses made of melted back rocks pilled together here and there, the homes of some of the natives of the land. The black sanded beaches are far away from any safe border that one might go through, safe in a manner of speaking, because all the borders to this land are well protected, such as Myrkwood to the West and the mountainous passages of Svartalfheim to the Southwest, mountain chains that form a natural barrier.
The only vegetation one might ever find, are some scorched trees and burnt grass of the Myrkwood Eastern part already in Muspelheim.

This is the land where Surt reigns, the great Fire Giant, older than memory and the Lady Sinmora.

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