Norse Symbols Are Not Symbols Of Hatred

Nowadays watching Norse/Germanic pagan symbols on a necklace, tattooed on someone’s skin or anyother place such as a wall, a book and so on, still leaves people somewhat uncomfortable, probably in fear at some point, but why does this happen?
Well, Norse/Germanic symbols weren’t symbols of hatred, the Germanic peoples used the runes (The Elder Futhark) as much as the Norse (Younger Futhark) as their own alphabet, for divination, spiritual rituals, magic and so on, certainly they weren’t white supremacists or racist skinheads, but somehow people still fear those symbols. Well in truth it is easy to know why, during the Third Reich the Nazis used a lot of Norse/Germanic symbols, for example the Hagall rune was very much present on the SS Totenkopfring or even the two Sowelu runes for the very SS symbol, and of course the Swastika, a major symbol used by many cultures including the many European cultures such as the Slavic ones, Germanic, Norse and Lusitanian, but again, these weren’t racist people, but during the Third Reich, these symbols left a negative mark in the hearts of the European and watching those symbols again, brings the memory of horrible times, but the symbols themselves aren’t hate symbols, it was the Nazis that  brought terror along with those.
Obviously it’s not just the Nazis fault, for centuries we live on a society that has been for too long obsessed by Classical Antiquity, and we treasure it as the most important source of ancient European history, which left all the other European cultures in the shadow and forgetfulness. In general, all that people knew about Norse/Germanic symbols came from the Nazis and nothing more and the problem also is that the Neo-Nazis still use these symbols and they don’t know the true meaning of those symbols, they only focus on the hatred brought by the Nazis. Another major problem is that many people with Christian backgrounds still feel that heathen convictions, faith and religious symbols may be dangerous, especially if associated with Norse/Germanic culturs. Whatever your religion may be, as a child we have all been educated in schools long dominated by Christians that such symbols are linked to the Nazis only, and the only Ancient European civilisations that are taught are the Classical ones, such as the Greek and the Roman.
In my point of view, we should start teaching our children the other side of history especially when it comes to powerful symbols that they might find all over the place their entire life, they will probably be ignorant about it and think that a lie, or omiting the truth, is the only truth available.

For example, the Bluetooth technology on every mobile phone, take a close look at the symbol there, It is actually a bindrune, that is two blended runes, the Hagall and Bjarkan. These two represent the initials of the 10th century viking king Harald Blåtand (Bluetooth), who ordered the Jelling stones to be erected. I really doubt that the Bluetooth team are a hate group, they certainly aren’t racists, and their rune logo doesn’t scare people away I’m sure.

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4 responses to “Norse Symbols Are Not Symbols Of Hatred

  1. I even had a tattoo artist discourage me from getting certain Norse runes tattooed on me. It is so important to be able to reclaim our sacred symbols from such distortion.

    • At some point at the end of the XX century and the beginning of the XXI, things were getting better in terms of accpeting certain symbols, but it seems we are back to the same point of people fearing the Norse symbols. Well, we could blame it on politics, which all of a sudden are coming back to racism, nazism and hatred, and people are using the symbols to show their political point of view and their personal hatred towards other ethnic groups. But in reality, we can blame the mass worldwide ignorance towards history, culture and tradition, and obviously towards sacred symbols.

  2. I think your norse ancestors would be more bothered people were fussing over what others think of the runes rather than the fact the runes might scare some people

  3. And yet a cross isn’t deemed offensive? Considering a supposed peaceful holy man was nailed up and left to bleed to death on one, is that not ironic. The brain washed will see anything that they are to ingnorant and taught to fear as being a thing to avoid. These symbols are heritage not hate.

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