Helms – Runic Combinations

As I have written about Rune Staves and Bindrunes, I would like to tell you about the so called Helms, which most don’t use or don’t know about it, even I came to the knowledge of these after at least 2 years already working with the runes.

Helms or sometimes called Shields, are more powerful than rune staves and easier to create than bindrunes. This consists in a circular symbol with four, six or even eight lines/spokes radiating from a central point, and at the other end of each line a rune or runes is/are placed. For example, one Helm/Shield much known is the aegishjalmur symbol, now you may have a clue what a Helm is when talking about binding runes into a unic symbol.
It isn’t just the aegishjalmur symbol that has survived from the periods before the Christianization of Europe, many other symbols such as that one have survived, especially in Iceland which helped us a lot in reviving ancient customs.

Helms/Shields are very useful for protection and are often used for such purposes, you might have guess now that the word Helm or Shield, suggests a sort of an armor, that is what these symbols are in a manner of speaking.

Now.. as I have written on the other posts about bindrunes and rune staves, when creating these unic symbols you are also adding runes that you were not supposed to add, but it is inevitable, it will create whether you like it or not and the power of that rune will be added to the symbol as well. So in the case of Helms this also happens of course, for example, when you creat an Helm with only four lines/spokes it will automaticaly create a fifth rune, Gyfu, so when creating these, people usually use them for the effects linked to partnership, for such is the power of Gyfu, this means it can be any kind of partnership, in business, love or just a deep friendship you have with someone, so keep that in mind, if you want to creat an Helm with four lines, keep in mind that it will help you on partnerships, and as such, you will be adding to the end of each line, runes that enhance that effect.
Helms with six lines will form anothor rune, this time Ior is that rune, the rune of adaptability. Usually Helms with eight lines are the most favored, because they do not create a rune as the four or six Helms do, and perhaps that is what makes them so special, because they had the power of another rune.

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