Hösten - By: Arith Härger - 2014

Hösten – By: Arith Härger – 2014

Hösten – Acrylic on canvas 29,8 x 23,7 – 2014

Attention: This is impressionism, the kind of painting that deceives the eyes; this is a painting for the mind. If you step back 3-4 meters (maybe less, go back slowly till you can visualise what this is), you will start to see what kind of scenery is depicted on this painting. Your mind will be confused by the mixtures of colours and “harsh” and quick brushstrokes. Your brain will try to produce an image according to the reality memorized and “print it” in your eyes. There you have! Autumn scenery.

I’ve created this painting a few weeks before Autumn. Since Autumn comes to an end, I’m always looking forward to the beginning of the next one. I was so eager to celebrate the coming of Autumn that I had to express that into this painting. Even with Autumn in my mind everyday, I have completely forgotten about it the day it started… Its sad how the society we have created takes away most of our time, with schedules for everything, duties to perform, work, running from one place to another to catch the bus, subway or train… etc. Our society, this busy world we have created, sadly makes us forget about the things we love the most, the things we enjoy doing or watch to escape reality for a while.

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