The Archer

The Archer – black pen on A4 paper – 2014


The Archer - By - Arith Härger Harger - Vikingwidunder

The Archer – By: Arith Härger

This one was a different kind of work; working only with silhouettes. My intention was to make a story and give life to it – and also movement – only with the “shadows” of subjects. Adding emotions to a scene devoid of facial expressions; the body motion and the way the characters were placed, give those emotions, make the story, gives movement to the act.

Silhouettes are quite interesting to work with, because it gives a mystical atmosphere to the composition. It makes the viewer wonder about what is going on and lets the mind flow. You don’t know the expressions or emotions from the characters, but you can imagine by the way their bodies are set. The viewer can add his/her own emotions accordingly to whatever story might run through their minds when watching works like this.

I enjoyed making this one which was only the beginning of a few set of works similar to this one. I enjoyed creating a story through silhouettes and I continued to do so. As an artist, I think works like these hides our own emotions, our own feelings and desires, and we protect ourselves from judgment and/or misunderstandings.


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