Cult Site To The God Ullr

Nowadays it seems that the Norse paganism and all the stories around it gained new fans, after too many centuries veiled under the purple cloth of christianity. Unfortunately people can’t name 3 gods that aren’t Odin, Thor or Loki, and even those they don’t know that well, apart from being some Marvel Heroes, it is interesting to know that people nowadays are talking again about Vikings, and the Norse gods, and the Norse traditional paganism and so on, but only few are really connected with these traditions, only few make of this their true spiritual beliefs. Today i will write about a god that it seems to be forgotten for too long, even by those who closely work with the Norse pantheon, his name is Ullr, God of skiing, hunting and the wild cold forests, once a very powerful god, worshiped as much as Odin or Thor was, perhaps even more, this god may have been one of the most important gods to the Norse/Germanic cultures, for there is a tale that he sat on the throne of Valhalla, while Odin wasexpelled for a crime, and even after his return, Ullr sits on that throne always when Odin is out, tomaintain order and to rule over the people of Asgard.
I have talked about this god at another post, so today i will give you one more proof that this god was one of the most worshiped at the time, by the archaeological findings of Bro, Uppland, outside Stockholm in Sweden. In this area it was found a well preserved archaeological finding, in a place called Lilla Ullevi, or Little Ullevi meaning “place that is sacred to Ullr” and what was found actually tells us precisely what the name implies. The site includes remains from different periods in time, to the 5th century extending to the 17th century, but the collection of stones are from the Vendel and Viking periods. An huge plataform with two stones where a large wooden construction once stood there, and it was also found 65 amulet rings.
It is possible that these rings were used and throwed there to swear oaths, for Ullr is the god of oaths also and he was called upon to witness the oaths, or to forge alliances, or even in terms of trials, if someone was convicted of a crime but if someone had any proof that the person was inocent, he or she would swear and oath to bear witness that the person that was being judge hadn’t committed any crime, and the oath rings were cast into Ullrs shrine so the god could help in these moments of trial.
Ullr belongs to the tribe of the Aesir gods but he also has affiliations with the Vanir, he is a god that goes to and fro from tribe to tribe, easily welcomed by boths sides, it is possible that he may be another diplomat of the gods such as Bragi, but with more power and respect, sent by the gods or going willingly in diplomatic affairs with great importance. 

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