The “Talking” Stones

I have come across a lot of traditional tales in Portugal as well as there are in other European countries, about the “talking” stones, that i found it to be fascinating and i want to share this with you.

The believe in the talking stones kept alive until today in some places, seems to be a fanciful andunreasonable tale, however, this has a background based on truth and it has a scientific explanation. In fact, stones with such functions are located in strategic points of geomagnetic networks. Thus, information sent via a menhir located on these geomagnetic networks, it could very well be captured byanother stone placed at a point on the same network. It is said that this was how the druids couldcommunicate with each other, being separated by large distances, during the Roman invasions of Gaul.
A better way to understand how these telluric currents are perceptible, is through carrier pigeons, as these birds use them for guidance and to be able to return to their pigeonry. The carrier pigeons aresensitive to the variation of the terrestrial magnetic fields modified by the telluric currents. Scientists know that the magnetite located in the head of pigeons allows them to have an expectional way ofguidance. On the other hand it is also known today that man also has some portions of this mineralmagnetized in various parts of the body. This fact allows us to suppose that man had once been able touse an identical sistem as of the carrier pigeons, to detect the energy of the places to construct and erect megaliths and to build their temples, for as we know nowadays, none of the megalithic monuments is randomly placed, they are all placed where the Ley lines of the earth pass, an worldwide fact too well made and located in the proper places, to be just a coincidence that a lot of different cultures from different continents did.
Nowadays this seems to us an absurd fact because we do not own this ability to feel this invisible reality or to see it with our own eyes, but it has a very simple explanation. The difficulty we face todayhas much to do with the various types of pollution, such as electric and electromagnetic types of pollution (as in the case of transmission antennas, masts and power stations and more recently GSM antennas) which are serious obstacles to the recognition of the signals emitted by the earth itself.

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