Farewell - By: Arith Härger

Farewell – By: Arith Härger

“Farewell” – watercolor, gel pen and white marker – 2014

A different kind of work, more children’s-book like and naive. Kind of cute, no?


This is a completely different work from the ones I usually create. The themes of my artistic works are more related to mythology and folklore, and once in a while historical of course, but I always give a dark and sorrowful hint to my traditional works. This time I wanted to create something less bleak and more cheerful and also colourful. It was a challenge to my own mind and mood, “reshaping” my spirit and turning it into something lighter and joyful. The mystical and magical atmosphere is still there, I think, almost mythological too, but I’ve proven to myself that there is no need to use darker colours and darker stories, of my own mind, to create something beautiful and unique.

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