Vidarr Son Of Odin

There is a tale about how Odin had an affair with Grid, the warrior goddess, and they had a son named Vidarr, who later joined the Aesir tribe of gods in Asgard. Little is known about Vidarr, but the first thing it comes in mind is that he is the god of vengeance, or the second god of vengeance, for his half brother Váli is also a god of vengeance. It seems that to the ancient Norse people, one god of vengeance wasn’t enough and they needed at least these two gods, i’m sure in those times there was a lot of vengeance to be had, an unstoppable chain of events, one taking vengeance upon other and others took revange for the killing of the one whose deeds brought him death.

About Vidarr is also known that he is a fierce and valiant warrior, some say he is almost as strong as Thor and the gods count on him in times of great trouble. He is also known as a silent god, when planing vengeance, he is meticulous, plans every step and takes his vengeance without much notice orraising any suspicion.

There is a curiosity abou him, he is also known as the God of the Thick Shoe, because he is always building and fixing his own shoes, so that one day when Ragnarök comes, it will be time for him to face Fenrir and he will be able to put his foot on Fenrir’s jaws and strike at that moment the heart of the great wolf, reaching it through the throat. This association with shoes to him, is a tradition long lost, for in ancient times shoemakers would offer to Vidarr what was left of the scraps of leather from shoemaking so he might add them to his own shoe, helping the god in his works and in turn the god would also help them in their profession.

Vidarr as a god of vengeance is closely associated with Ragnarök and the prophecy that when Fenrir will be loosed and slay Odin, it will be Vidarr the one god to avenge his father, or so it is written in theGrimnismál saga. Vidarr andVáli will survive in the end and will help rebuilding a new world.

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