Bestla – Mother Of Odin

Many Goddesses in the Norse Pantheon have the importante role of motherhood, and all gods came from somewhere, from both a male and a female being. We often hear about Odin, after Thor his own son, he is the mosr famous of all the gods, but seldom we hear about his own mother, so today i will speak of her, or at least the few knowledge i have of her, acording with the lore.

Bestla is the mother of Odin, she is a very powerful frost-giantess, the daughter of Bolthorn. She is the mother of Odin, Vili and Vé. Her brother is Mimir, the famour god whose head is deep in the well called Mimirsbrunnr.

Bestla is often called by mothers who have very difficult children in any ways, be that behavior, fears that might be difficult to understand and may ruin the child’s daily life, night terrors, illness, well any kind of difficulty people have with children, but she probably helps fathers as well. Its hard for parents to have any kind of peace when they have troublesome children or very sick children, so Bestla is the goddess to be called upon to helps the little ones and to help the parents having a bit of peace but also strength to endure the years of childhood of their sons and daughters, to ease the worries.


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