Vili Brother Of Odin

Odin is one of the most famous gods in the Norse pantheon, i dare say he is one of the most famous gods of all the European deities, for even those who do not follow the Norse traditional paganism and faith know him one way or another. However, people seldom talk about his brothers, and today this post will be about one of his brothers called Vili.

Vili is the god of motivation, like his brother, Vé, little is known about them, for among the three brothers, it was Odin that mortals, gods and other beings gave more importance, and his brothers were put aside. The three brothers together slew Ymir the mountain frost giant which many realms were built using his body parts. Before Odin became the king of Asgard, the three brothers were very close, and worked together in many ways. It is said that the brothers of Odin went to Asgard with his wife Frigga, when Odin was wandering for nine years in search for wisdom, but there are other versions of this story, for instance, one says that when Odin finally came back to Asgard, he threw is brothers out, it isn’t clear what happened in truth, but in what we can be certain is that the three brothers got separated in some way and never again had the same connection they had before.

One of the most famous tales involving the three brothers, is that of when they created the first humans, when after the great flood resulting from Ymir’s murder, and his blood flowed over the nine realms, the three brothers found a pair of logs on the beach and decided to bring them to life. Odin gave them breath and so life flowed in them, Vili gave them the ability to think and gave them senses, and Vé gave them other gifts. The human couple were left alone, they were called Ask and Embla. A passing boat of fleeing Giants led by Bergelmir, found the two humans, and before they drowned because the tides were spreading, they set the pair in a tree so they could survive.

Vili is the god people can cal upon when they have new ideias, inspirations, things they actually want to put in action and perform, but they lack of motivation, and Vili is the god that helps in the first step to realize and put into practice any ideas. He can also be called to help in thinking,  free will or feeling, when it comes to physical illness that prevents us from feeling when talking about the sense of touch.

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One response to “Vili Brother Of Odin

  1. Thanks for the posts on Vili and Ve. I’m getting interested in Odin, but it’s hard to find stuff about his brothers.

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