Sif The Bride Of Thor

Sif is the goddess of fidelity, she is Thor’s wife, and it is interesting to see their symbolic connection, as he is a god which helps in the fertility of the fields with his hammer, and Sif’s hair is as golden as the wheat fields in which her husband helps in the growth and fertilization, the cycle of the land and the soils for agriculture dance with the moods of the weather.

Little is known about Sif apart from behing Thor’s wife, a so famous god in the stories, sagas and in the history of religions and spiritual beliefs of the Norse/Germanic peoples.
Sif has a son called Ullr, the skiing hunting god, and with Thor they have a daughter called Thrud.
There is a story in which Loki cuts off the fair and long hair of Sif, the very thing she is famous for. But it is clear that Sif’s hair is the symbol of the cycle of harvesting of wheat, so she is probably a goddess associated with the fertility of the earth and with the abundance, but this fertility assossiation is connected with mankind and the need to cultivate the land to survive, again this is also closely associated with Thor for he is also a god of fertility but turned to the weather, these two gods together make the perfect magical work which helps us having food, for Thor is also the god who is more connected with humankind than anyother deity. Sif is also a deity associated with frith , or in other words, her attitudes and actions are to ensure peace and harmony, not only between the gods as shown in the Poetic Edda called Lokasenna in which Sif and Loki exchange a lot of insults but she attempts to make peace, but also peace and harmony extended to families and communities.

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