The Icelandic Necromancer

In old Iceland there was a method used by the sorcerers to get money, a bit.. disturbing and gruesome..
The Icelandic sorcerers used the Necropants, which are pants made of human skin.. well, the sorcerer would make an agreement with a person ( always a man ), then when this person died he could use his body for his own purposes, he would flayed the skin of the body in one piece from the waist down, after tanning the skin he would used it like a pair of pants. After all this trouble he stole a coin and placed it in the natural “purse” the cavity formed by the scrotum. S upposedly this attracted more coins,therefore the sorcerer became a wealthy man.
Before the time of his death came, the sorcerer had to pass the necropants to another person ( possibly another sorcerer ). He did this by having the new owner place his right leg in one side of the pants while the sorcerer still had his left leg in the other. In this way, the power of the pants would pass from one individual to another.

This whole story might seem somethign taken out from a horror movie or book, but the Museum of Witchcraft and Sorcery in Iceland has a pair of necropants on exhibit. They resemble the preserved skin of the bog bodies found in Denmark and Irland and it is believed that probably this kind of unusual thing might have its roots in very ancient times.


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