Working With The Gods: Glut

You may be wondering why i lable “Working with the gods” even when i talk about spiritual beings who are not labled as gods in the lore or minor deities or even if i write about them but i do not extend the knowledge at a more personal level of that deity or when i do not specify much how to work with a specific deity. Well this is simple, for two personal reasons, one is because i need to have a personal guide for the gods and goddesses, spirits, wights and other beings of the northern pantheon and mythology because i’ve been asked to aid in games where norse gods enter and they need to have as many knowldge about them as possible, and in this way, it is easy to find them all in a list that i am making here in the lable “Working with the gods” so it will be also easy for me to help hehe. Another reason is the fact that i’m not sure if people know what gods are, if we understand the meaning of the title  “god”, a spiritual being who is very powerful in specific ways and it can help us humans in a variety of needs, expressing their powers over nature, being able to contact us between this world and the world of spirits, then yes.. those spirits are deities and we can call them gods and goddesses, this is why in this list, there are many spiritual beings who aren’t as famous as Odin or Thor, or weren’t labled in the lore as gods, but they are equal in power and greatness in their own ways and we must honor them by telling their stories and how they might help us in their field of expertise.

Anyway, going straight to the subject of the main topic now, i will write about Glut, it seems appropriate since i have start this month writing about Surt the lord of fire.
Glut was the first wife of Loki, they married when Loki was still very young, but she left him so he could marry with the giantess Angrboda. Glut is a fire-etin, a child of Muspellheim, so it doesn’t seem uncanny that she would be the first one that Loki would have a strong connection, since he was born in Muspellheim. Glut’s daughters are Einmyria and Eisa. There seems to be a lot of confusion with these names, because Logi had a wife called Glut and she had two daughters by the name of Einmyria and Eisa ,these names are very common among the fire-female-giants, but the Glut i’m writing here today, is the fire-giantess Glut who settled in the Iron Wood when she was still young and she was adopted as a younger sister by Angrboda. She was given to Loki as a bride by Angrboda, and she bore him twin daughters which he named them Einmyria and Eisa after the children of her long dead ancestress, the other Glut. However, this relation did not last for long, after an year, Loki lost the interest for her and Glut returned to love with Angrboda and her babies.

Glut and her daughters greant stamina, energy and strength to those on sports, athletes, practicioners of martial-arts etc. Glut can also help to heat up the passion between a couple. I haven’t said this before, but in ancient times, people use to ofer a variety of things to the gods as we know it well, so it isn’t different with other beings, eveything you want as an offering to a fire-etin, must be burnt before.

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